I greatly enjoy teaching group yoga classes & workshops, however I primarily teach in a more traditional one-on-one setting to develop personalised asana, pranayama and meditation practices, & mentor individuals (from complete beginners to advanced yogis) in a wide range of the aspects of the system of yoga.
Feel free to get in touch for a chat about how yoga can support you through physical, emotional & spiritual challenges, for returning to health or to explore your potential.


of yoga do you teach?

I teach whatever is most appropriate and most helpful for each person’s body, goals, strengths and limitations in each moment. My practice is based in a more traditional individualistic approach to yoga that pre-dates the ‘styles’ which have emerged as yoga’s popularity has exploded over the last century.

Having said that, I borrow a lot of emerging ideas and understandings from various modern styles of yoga as well as from other philosophies of movement, breath and consciousness, to whatever extent they are able to support individual journeys.

Or more simply put, in the words of my teacher, ‘it depends’.